Amp issues

My Peavey Classic 30 is a real nice amp. Great sound. However, this is the second time its been in the shop in the last year. After 3 weeks I got a call from the amp guy at Sam Ash telling me that its not the tubes, its the tube sockets. A few came loose which then caused the tubes to burn out.

The most frustrating part of this is that it took 3 weeks to get a call back from the service guy. Then, its another 2 weeks to fix. I can’t be without an amp for that long. I only have one tube amp.

One thing I need to learn is how to replace the tubes on my amp. I’m not much of a hardware guy, but I’d like to be able to do regular maintenance. I’m also looking for alternatives to Sam Ash as a service center. Nice guys, but they obviously have too much work. To co-opt Yogi Berra’s quote about a restaurant, “Nobody goes there anymore, they are too busy.”


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