Latest Listening #1

I listen mostly to rock and jazz, but that covers a lot of sub genres. I wanted to share some of the things I’m listening to lately, some old, some new. In the last year I’ve made a much more concerted effort to keep up with new music. I’m also trying to catch up on things I missed when I was growing up.

Kicking Television: Live in Chicago – Wilco

I’m a big Wilco fan and this live 2 CD set impresses both as a testament to Jeff Tweedy’s compositional skills as well as the band’s ability to arrange their songs. Most of the songs have evolved and are better than their studio versions. Most bands have difficulty reproducing the nuances of studio recordings but Wilco is able to encompass the subtle and not so subtle aspects in their sound live. A key to this is Nels Cline, one of the more under-recognized modern guitarists. While Nels’ non-Wilco projects tend to the avant-garde, he has no trouble adapting to Wilco’s rock oriented compositions. He’s a major addition to the mix and his solo on “Ashes of American Flags” is almost worth the price admission by itself.

Fate – Dr. Dog

I can’t really figure out Dr. Dog but I find myself humming their songs and looking forward to listening to their CD again. Their music is distinctive and quirky. They definitively have a Beatles / Beach Boys influence with a little of the weirdness of the Residents.


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