First Gig-itis

My band, Cheaper Than a ‘Vette’, is playing our first gig at a local bar / pool hall tonight (Friday 11/21). We’ve invited a lot of family and friends and we are hoping for a good turn out. I’ve admitted that I am nervous. As the lead guitarist, there’s no where to hide. My only solution is to go out and try to have some fun.

We have a number of items to attend to. First and of most import, is playing the songs as a band. Our last practice was aborted by an angry neighbor who called the police twice on us. We tend to get loud in the garage we practice in and we were testing out higher powered PA speakers so we weren’t that surprised that the neighbor we have annoyed in the past was once again pissed off. What was different was that they called twice and the second time the police kindly asked us to shut down for the day. With only half of our material rehearsed it left me feeling uneasy as this was the last practice before the gig.

We know the material pretty well but in any live gig, you know the unexpected will occur. We need to flexible and be able to roll with the punches.


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