Guitar Repair Update

One of the realities of owning musical  instruments is that they need maintenance. Some items are expensive, some are not so bad. In the past few months it seems I’ve had a lot of maintenance issues. In some cases, I’ve chosen to do the maintenance now because the work was inevitable. I couldn’t wait much longer. Some other minor issues have come up, but right now everything is fixed and operational.

A few months ago, I wrote about my Martin D18 that was sent back to Martin. They did a neck reset which involves completely taking off the neck. They also put new frets on and fixed a very small crack in the body that had been previously repaired. I just got the guitar back last week and its beautiful. Martin did a fantastic job. The action is lower than it had been and the sound, which was always wonderful is still deep and rich. I really missed that guitar. Its great to have it back.
My Taylor T5 had a slight problem a few weeks ago where the input jack had become loose. I’ve had the guitar about 3 years and the nut around the outside of the input jack had become loose from time to time. Finally, it stopped transmitting sound to the amp. I brought it in to my favorite luthier, Michael (, and he had to order some parts from Taylor. Taylor did the repair at no cost to me. It took about a week and the guitar is as good as new. As a matter of fact, they replaced the pre-amp in the guitar at the same time so, according to Michael, its probably a newer and improved part. So far, it appears that Taylor is a very good company to deal with. 

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