First gig recording

We got back the recording from our first gig. Initially, we were overwhelmed, we thought it sounded better than expected. The person who did the sound, John Gibb of Sonic Sanctum ( did a very good job. Our deal with him was that he would mix, record and provide a video. Yesterday they had most of the tracks ready but not the video. We thought we were going to mix the sound with John but he had already done it. He showed us Pro Tools and the kinds of things you can do. I had wondered when we planned the mixing session how much could be done in a few hours. As it turns out John had spent about six hours working on our mix.

It’s amazing how recording tools can improve your sound. He used some reverb to provide more presence and some pitch adjustments on the voices. I’m not sure how much, but our vocals sounded much better than I thought. I’ve posted a few songs at

Having listened to our CD, its a good first gig but there are do many areas of improvement both in our performance and then in the live sound mix. However, its good to have our first gig under our belts. It was a blast.


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