Medeski Martin & Wood – Revolution Live

Medeski, Martin & Wood played last Saturday night (1/3/09) at Revolution Live, a club in Fort Lauderdale, on the eve of Jam Cruise 2009. From the moment they hit the stage, they were thoroughly engaging.

The music was somewhat different than their studio releases which are typically shorter compositions, each defining a theme and usually some sort of groove. Live, they were much more intense and jam oriented. The first piece they played seemed to be a medley of several different pieces and moods sequed together lasting about 40 minutes. At times, it was reminiscent of late sixties / early seventies Miles Davis and early Weather Report. Some segments were exhilarating, some avant-garde, some jazzy, some funky. They mix it around keeping it interesting by evolving and morphing the sound. While John Medeski is out front as the keyboard player, both Billy Martin on drums and Chris Wood on bass are excellent driving the beat,  providing a variety of rhythmic backgrounds for Medeski’s keyboard explorations.


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