Great local band – Midlife Crysis

Saturday night I went to see a local band, Midlife Crysis at a local restaurant/bar. I have a friend who plays guitar in the band and they were playing a new venue, in Delray Beach, FL, the Monterrey Grill and Cantina. I’ve seen the band once before and they do a mix of classic rock, country and blues. They have three guitarists, a bass player and a drummer. All three guitar players sing as well.

We arrived early and had dinner with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. The food was good, not spectacular but certainly worth considering if you are in Delray and feel like Mexican. Its a nice atmosphere, tables spread out comfortably and the servers had very accommodating attitudes. The band came on around 10 with a laid back set to get the evening started. After a 20 minute break the band came back and pumped up the volume and intensity a bit. The band plays with the right balance that doesn’t overwhelm the audience but with enough bite to get everyone dancing.

What impressed me most was the ability of the band, even in lower volumes, to balance the three guitars so that they all had sonic space and were clearly heard. That’s not easy and this band has an obvious comfort level playing with each other. They trade off songs and solos with a seeming effortlessness that many bigger name bands never achieve. Each guitar player has a distinctive style that complements the others.

If you are in Palm Beach county and want a fun night out look for Midlife Crysis. They are as close to a sure bet for a good time as you can get these days.


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