Recommended: Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson is a fairly unique entity in the music business. With a career spanning over 40 years, critical accolades (e.g., Rolling Stone #19 on list of greatest guitarist of all time, Shoot Out The Lights, 9th on the list of top albums of the 80’s), he stands apart from most artists in his accomplishments as a song writer, guitarist and singer with little commercial success. Despite his abilities and acknowledgement by critics and musicians,  he’s relatively unknown.

Thompson tours frequently and is prolific, banging out recordings on a regular basis. Most artists seem to tail off as they get older producing less and relying on their older material. Thompson continues to put out roughly one album a year of new material, most worthy contributions to his growing catalog.

Below are a few acoustic performances. He’s also a stunning electric player. I’ve also included some links to recommended CDs.




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