Time for a new amp

My Peavey Classic 30 has given me too much grief over the last five years. Its been in the shop 3 times and while I like the amp, I’ve realized I can’t depend on it. A few weeks ago when it started emitting static I decided it was time to get a new amp. My thought was to get something reliable and then use the Peavey as a backup. Based on what I’d heard from friends and salespeople, Fenders are known as pretty reliable and have a nice clean sound. That’s what I was 0213202000_mdlooking for. When I got to Sam Ash I had thought it would be between the Hot Rod Deluxe(http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0213202000), which I knew the salesman liked and the Blues Deluxe(http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=2232200000). They are both 40 watt amps with excellent clean channels. The Hot Rod has a Drive channel with an added “More Drive” setting which adds additional gain. The Blues Deluxe is a little more vintage in concept with just one gain channel. I went in thinking that the Blues Deluxe would be more my speed, I could always add more distortion via pedals. However, they didn’t have one in stock. They  did have a Super Reverb which was less powerful but more expensive – supposedly a better amp. The Hot Rod sounded just fine, though. Its got a great clean sound with some nice sustain as you turn it up. The gain channel sounded pretty good as well. I need to play with it a bit to see what settings will dial in the sound I’m looking for.

I’ve used the Hot Rod Deluxe at my last two band practices. I really like the sound. To my ears the clean is great and the gain channel is not half bad. I’m still figuring out how to dial in my sound. But, so far its working out pretty well. We are also experimenting with putting some of our sessions up on youtube.com. If we get some good recordings I’ll write about that at some point in the future.


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