Fixing the Peavey Classic 30

I recently wrote about some troubles I had with my Peavey Classic 30 amp. I got it fixed at  local amp repair shop, The Amp Junkyard ( They did a nice job in less than a week. One of my frustrations has been that every time I put it in to repair at the store where I purchased it, it takes anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks to get it fixed. If you have any amp issues and need help and live in South Florida, I’d give the Amp Junkyard a call. Straightforward people that know what they are doing.

When I brought it in, John, the owner, was going to try to fix it on the spot – I’d not seen a repair shop even look at an amp upon arrival. So, he had me at hello. He thought he might be able to fix it with a new tube but, the problem persisted. He diagnosed it as a bad solder on a circuit board and said he would need a few days to get to it. That’s what it turned out to be. He fixed it as promised and its ready to – what more can I ask?

Unfortunately, John was pretty pessimistic about the state of modern amps. His opinion was that most amps in the consumer price range, i.e., less than $2000, are not well made and that repeated visits to the repair shop should be expected. Kind of depressing but I guess that’s what I’ll need to accept and my new strategy of having a back up amp (or two) is well advised.

The other thing we discussed related to a previous post I made regarding high wattage amps. His take was that high wattage amps sound better. When I argued that they are rarely pushed in most clubs and that low wattage amps would get turned up more in smaller clubs, he responded that even though the high wattage amps are not being pushed, their overall dynamics are better and sound better even at lower volumes. In other words, a 100 watt amp at 2 will sound better than a 30 watt amp at 5 (or some reasoning similar to this). I’ m interested in finding out whether this is true. Right now I don’t have a high wattage amp to test but I’ll be checking it out next chance I get.


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