Custom Carvin has arrived

A few months ago my son, who has saved some money wanted to buy a new guitar. He had his eye on a Fender Stratocaster QMT but we couldn’t find one – anywhere. Fender told us there were none in stock and we’d be seeing more in the spring. However, no store showed any on order or in stock. Finally, a knowledgeable salesperson at Guitar Center told us they were not being made anymore. I don’t know why, they looked nice and had some interesting features. Josh started thinking about what other guitar he might want and I mentioned Carvin. You custom order the guitar you want and get to create the exact guitar you want. I also told him the downside, you have to buy sight unseen. I like putting my hands on a guitar, feel the neck, see how it plays, hear how it sounds, etc. Nevertheless, he got it in his head that this was what he wanted and when he gets it in his mind that he wants something, its hard to dissuade him.

A little over a month ago we put together an order on line for a CT4. We ended up calling Carvin and speaking with a IMG_4344sales person because we had a bunch of questions about frets, neck size, and a few other options. We ordered the guitar and received it in less time than they originally quoted. We had only one problem with the guitar they shipped us; the sales person recommended that we have individual volume and tone knobs for each pickup but the guitar came with just one volume and tone knob. As it turns out the sales person had been mistaken and this model does not come with the option for separate volume and tone controls. Otherwise, the guitar is gorgeous, perfect finish, set up well and plays really nice.

I borrowed it last weekend to play with my band and gave it a work out. It has a great tonal range. It has an option to pick up the tone knob and switch to single coil. Personally, I like the normal humbucker setting, especially with the neck pickup selected. That’s more my sound but I experimented with a number of settings, with tone, volume and pickup selection and found the guitar very versatile. I also liked the touch. The guitar was very sensitive to the pick attack, giving the guitar a very dynamic feel.

Its going to be hard to not order a Carvin for myself. This is a guitar that any serious player might want in their collection.


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