Band relationships

I’m not an expert about being in a band and I would never claim to be an expert on relationships but I do think there are similarities. One of the things I remember (way back) in one of my psychology classes was the notion that behavior in relationships becomes, somehow, bio-chemically encoded in your brain. This explains why when we get back together with an “ex” we quickly revert to old behaviors. Its like we have these little plays we act out and seem almost helpless to change. The personal dynamics easily revert to whatever they used to be no matter how many months or years have passed.

Band relationships are similar and I’m really at a point in my band where certain frustrations are recurring. Specifically, one of the problems when we practice is we get too loud. Sometimes we’re not sure who starts it or why but after a few songs we realize we are much louder than we want to be. Its something we’ve talked about a lot but, like other relationships, we find ourselves replaying the same roles, unable to break out.

We’ve talked about bring an outsider who can set our levels but I tend to believe that we’ve got to solve this within the band. Perhaps personnel changes would help. But those decisions can be painful from a personal perspective – I like my bandmates, they are my buds.

I wonder how other bands resolve these kinds of issues. Especially, when there is no established leader in the band.


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