Second gig results

We played our second gig Friday, 12/19/08. It was not quite the thrill of our first gig in November but in some ways was more satisfying. We were paid (albeit a pittance) and, instead of the audience being comprised mostly of friends and family it was a mix of our friends and people the venue’s management invited as a holiday party.

Our initial sense of it was that the show was not as good as our first. One significant factor was that the sound quality was inferior because the vocals were mixed too low. However, after listening to the recording I made of the show, the performance was really much better than our first. The music was more powerful and there were less mistakes. That’s encouraging as it means we are learning and getting better.

Moreover, it seems our attitude is changing about the band. While we are far from viewing our band as a professional, working band, i.e., a venture that generates income, we are more focused on what will work in a club setting. In some ways, that’s created some divisiveness within the band as we all have different interpretations of what will work and what others will like. With all of the band members having different musical backgrounds that seems inevitable. Nevertheless, it seems that one of the best attributes of our band is our ability to compromise. We are all willing to play each other’s songs even though they may not be our favorites. We also can agree on some songs which do not work.


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